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Belmont Heights Optometry

Belmont Heights Optometry is family-owned and has a proud legacy of providing quality eye care with a personal touch in our neighborhood. Dr. Sao has been a part of Belmont Heights Optometry since 2000. She started as a student volunteer, later the front desk receptionist, and has gone full circle in taking over for Dr. Hagen & Ruben Ortiz in their retirement. She works beside her husband, Dr. Sochet Sao, who sees patients and makes your glasses cool!

Supporting our neighborhood businesses is more important than ever today. The BHCA will be giving a "Gift Card a Day" for June to one of our active members to help support and highlight small businesses in our neighborhood.

Today's winner is Jerry Moore! Your future is so bright, Jerry, you have to wear shades!

Belmont Heights Optometry

4203 E. 4th Street


Please support them by booking your appointment soon.


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