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BHCA Bunny Trail

The BHCA Bunny will be doing a little easter hunting of his own searching for his little pals in Belmont Heights! Come on out to a spot on his trail and get a goodie bag and wave hello!

Here is our planned route and approximate arrival times. Times may vary so be sure to keep your PEEPers open.

Times are estimates.

9:30 AM Meet on Red Car Greenbelt @ 6th & Termino Ave

SE along Greenbelt to Park Ave & 4th Street

Carefully cross bikes to 4th Street & Appian Way

E down Appian Way to Nieto Ave

9:50 AM RIGHT on Nieto Ave, S to Broadway

RIGHT on Broadway, W to Argonne Ave

LEFT on Argonne Ave – Be Careful crossing Broadway to turn left

10:00 AM RIGHT on Shaw St, pedal W to Belmont Ave

LEFT Belmont Ave, S to Livingston Dr – Carful with left turn

10:10 AM At Livingston Dr turn RIGHT onto 1st St, W to Loma Ave

RIGHT on Loma Ave, heading N to Vista Ave

10:20 AM RIGHT on Vista Ave and pedal E to Argonne Ave

LEFT on Argonne Ave, N to Colorado St

10:30 AM LEFT on Colorado St, pedal W to Termino Ave

LEFT on Termino Ave, S to 3rd Street

RIGHT on 3rd Street, W to Loma Ave,

LEFT on Loma Ave, S to Vista St - map is a bit wrong here, Go to Vista

RIGHT on Vista St, W to Newport Ave

10:40 AM RIGHT Newport Ave, N to Colorado St

RIGHT on Colorado St, first LEFT on Loma Ave, carefully cross 4th St

10:50 AM RIGHT on 5th Street, E to Roswell Ave

LEFT on Roswell Ave, N to 6th Street

11:00 AM LEFT on 6th Street, W to Termino Ave

RIGHT on Termino Ave to Theresa St

RIGHT on Theresa St, N to Ximeno Ave

11:10 AM Carefully cross Ximeno Ave and head LEFT to Red Car Greenbelt

RIGHT on Red Car Greenbelt, back to the start


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Bunny Trail
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