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Art and Architecture Stroll

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Looking for something local and different? Look no further than the Art and Architecture Stroll on Sunday, November 17, from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Over a dozen local artists will be on hand with their art, displayed in several homes throughout Belmont Heights.

Happy Art Strollers in 2018

Residents will stroll from house to house, visit with the artists and see their work … up close and personal. This gives artists a chance to share their methods and visions. A map will be made available to all who RSVP. The map will include points of historic, cultural and architectural interest along the way from house to house.

This is a great opportunity to walk the neighborhood, meet new and old friends, support local artists, and maybe, pick up a unique gift just in time for the holidays!

This event is free, although the artists pay a small fee to participate, enabling them to keep any proceeds from the sale of their work. Because homeowners are opening their doors to us, we require that you RSVP in order to receive the map with locations of art and points of interest.


The Belmont Heights Community Association is sponsoring this event through its subgroup, the Belmont Heights Artists’ Association. All Belmont Heights artists are welcome to join. It’s free! Just contact Jenny Aguirre at*


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