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Mark Guillen: Candidate for Council District 3

Mark Guillen: Running for Council District 3

Why are you interested in this position?

I’m running for Long Beach City Council District 3 because I want to serve others and deliver the overdue solutions our community needs. I see this election as an opportunity not for myself, but an opportunity to serve others. I’m not handpicked by anyone and I’m not anyone’s candidate. Instead, I want to be a council member who is not afraid to make independent decisions and who will always put the needs of the community first. We don’t need the same political distractions; we need to focus on logical common-sense issues. That’s why my vision as the next council member for the 3rd district in Long Beach is to ensure that responsible governing is working for the people’s best interest.

What relative experience do you have in this career field?

I currently direct public affairs efforts in 14 Western states for Crown Castle. Before this, I worked as the director of Civic Engagement and Government Contracts for Molina Healthcare. Prior to my business experiences, I spent 28 years with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. I have been heavily involved in the Long Beach community, serving as a board member for multiple organizations that seek to better our city.

What are 3 changes you would like to make while in office?

  • Combating our homelessness crisis

  • Reducing crime

  • Strengthening our small businesses

What are your top priorities for small businesses ?

Making it easier to start a small business, boosting local hiring through job fairs, and developing ideal parking solutions.

What are your 3 goals or main concerns for District 3?

  • Combating our homelessness crisis

  • Reducing crime

  • Strengthening our small businesses

How would you address people who are concerned about the City and States Affordable Housing plan and its impact on their neighborhood?

I am committed to working with the community to develop long-term solutions to the housing crisis. It is important to me that we all recognize that we cannot solve the homelessness crisis without more housing. I will be proactive with our county and state partners to find the best options that benefit our community. With a comprehensive approach we can deliver the solutions we need for a better Long Beach.

What is an innovative way you plan to involve the community in your decisions?

I firmly believe in making sure all our residents have a voice in determining our future. That’s why I will have a regular and repeating day and time where my office will be open to the community for them to voice their concerns. When I make decisions, I will always consider the impact of how my choices affect our residents. I believe feedback from the community is very important, and key to successful policies.

Is there a City-wide issue you would most like to address?

Since the pandemic, our city has experienced a 120% increase in crime. We all deserve to live in a safe environment that is free from fear and violence, and this will always be a priority for me. We need to ensure that law enforcement has the resources to provide the protection we need. This includes more personnel placed in problematic areas and additional hiring and recruitment, if needed. This also includes options for community-based policing that improved local safety and allows our law enforcement to focus on serious crimes. We want law enforcement to be able to do their job effectively so that we can bring down levels of crime.


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