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Meet Jennifer Warren

By Erik Garcia

A Belmont Heights artist specializing in watercolors who draws inspiration from some of the simplest forms of nature, Jennifer’s imagery and her impressionist expression derives from simple walks around the neighborhood and camping trips with family. While explaining her fondness of watercolors, Jennifer mentions, “Watercolors don’t like to be fussed over or controlled, you have to let the water and pigments do their thing, otherwise you lose the beauty of the media.” One of her favorite activities is to plein air paint. Jennifer attributes her painting ability to her father, a graphic designer and painter who could render just about any type of drawing. “As a child, I would often beg my dad to draw me horses.” Jennifer spent her childhood weekends mostly outdoors and surfing was a big part of it. “On weekends, my family would climb in the minivan and head south or north, checking all the surf spots along the way.”

Jennifer graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Art Education, then earned her teaching credential. Since 2008 she has taught art at Palos Verdes High. As for her personal art projects, Jennifer has exhibited with the Long Beach Open Studio Tour for the past 3 years. She also exhibits with the Kennedy Grace Gallery at local cafes and shops around Long Beach. Jennifer has lived in the Belmont Heights neighborhood for 10 years. Since her move from Huntington Beach, she has fallen in love with the city’s unique neighborhood – “It’s a special community I hold dear to my heart.”

Jennifer plans to continue creating and showing work. Even though balancing work and family has challenged her ability to keep art at her creativity forefront, she remains optimistic. “I’ve learned how incredibly important it is to keep art intertwined with my life and it should never be put by the wayside.” Jennifer is an active member of the Belmont Heights Artists’ Association, exhibiting at the 2019 Long Beach Open Studio Tour and the Belmont Heights Art and Architecture Stroll last November. To see more of Jennifer’s beautiful work, check out Instagram: @jennifercaseywarren, website: and


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