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President’s Message

By Derrick Muska

The only thing gained in 2020 was weight! Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. A few months into this freakish period in our lives, I realized that our community was more caring, generous, and resilient than I could have imagined despite our physical distance. This neighborhood continues to share common attitudes, interests, and goals that appear unbreakable. I can’t believe the number of calls and emails I received from people asking how to volunteer or donate. People asking me if it’s too late to drop off coats, shoes, socks, toys, hygiene kits, school supplies, and food. The answer is always no; it’s never too late.

I have somebody I want you to meet, Tasha Thrift. I’m so delighted she’s decided to join the BHCA board as our newest member. Tasha is genuinely a storage unit full of talent. And I mean not the small storage unit either, but the big one--the 10’x10’ one! In the past, Tasha has contributed articles in our newsletter about the Redondo business corridor, bicycle safety, and happenings at Fremont. The BHCA, for years, has had a desperate need for a more substantial, consistent social media presence. We have so much content and information to share with our neighborhood and City, but we needed help to reach our neighbors who don’t receive our newsletter or emails. The BHCA had a social media itch, and Tasha scratched it for us. Since jumping into the driver’s seat of social accounts, we’ve seen a 150% increase in the number of people we’re reaching. Can you say, WHAT-WHAT!?! On a personal note, if you ever corner Tasha at a party in the future, ask her about her amazing son, her yoga flow, and her time writing for Cat Fancy magazine. Viva la Tasha!

I want to take the time to thank all our newsletter volunteers. During this past year, they helped to maintain the BHCA momentum and keeping the newsletter afloat. They do the heavy lifting for us, and they’re the best the BHCA has to offer. When you picked up any newsletter during this past year, there are two names you would have seen over and over again--Stephanie Rosenblatt and Cynthia Gellis. Both Stephanie and Cynthia are amazingly talented writers. I wish they could write my president’s messages for me! Both Stephanie and Cynthia have become the writing engine for our nationally awarded newsletter. Additionally, the newsletter could not have succeeded without its editor, Evelyn Crofts’ dedication and leadership. Finally, thank you to all our newsletter volunteers who help distribute this publication. All these volunteers deserve our recognition and a tip of the hat, and many thanks from us.

Additionally, I would like to recognize Bette McKinney for working closely with me on our community’s 100-year-old homes. Bette is deeply dedicated to promoting the history of our neighborhood. On behalf of the BHCA board, we are genuinely grateful for all the hard work and dedication she has shown over this past year.

As for the future of the BHCA over the next year, well...I have no idea what it will bring or look like, to be honest. All I know is this past year has changed the blueprint and focus of the BHCA for me. The care and love showed for and towards our neighbors have taught me that we can overcome any challenge we might face in 2021.

Long live and prosper, my friends.



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