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Red Car Greenbelt Alley Paved

By BHCA Editorial Team

In September, the alley between Quincy and Roycroft, south of 6th Street and along the Greenbelt, was paved. The City announced the paving plan in 2019 and although nearby homeowners requested the City change or completely stop the project, it was to no avail.

Nearby property owners objected to potential increases in traffic due to proximity to 7th St., causing a safety hazard especially to pedestrians, and also to the destruction of about a dozen mature trees and other plants.

The new pavement is part of the Alley Management Plan, supported by Measure A funding. Work on the City-wide plan started in 2016 by assessing and, if necessary, paving alleys to allow better access for first responders. Several agencies, from L.A. County to the Sanitation Department, and the Long Beach utilize the alley as well, according to Gabriela Yates, District Office Director for 3rd District Councilwoman Suzie Price.

Traffic concerns are ongoing. While residents say they have now witnessed an increase in car activity, the City has insisted on waiting three to six months to conduct a traffic safety study to determine whether the speed or use of the alley necessitates installing speed bumps or limiting traffic to one direction.

Changes could still come to the alley. The City’s arborist plans to inspect the area and decide which trees to plant. The traffic study will determine what measures, if any, will be instituted to curb traffic. And residents will likely keep speaking up and engaging with the City to keep what they love about the neighborhood intact.



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