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Scratch Baked Goods

Bake someone happy today! Scratch Baked Goods is owned and operated by Deborah Demjanovich Hirt--LBC local born and raised. Everything served at Scratch is handcrafted and made on-site using the finest ingredients. With an emphasis on fresh seasonal offerings, the menu changes regularly. In fact, Scratch Baked Goods has become a staple for many Fremont families who pop in for a treat before heading home from school.

Look for the cool neon sign at 4th & Termino

Supporting our neighborhood businesses is more important than ever today. The BHCA will be giving a "Gift Card a Day" for June to one of our active members to help support and highlight small businesses in our neighborhood.

Today's winner is Emily Tanaka! I got 99 problems, but baked goods aren't one.

Scratch Baked Goods

3950 E. 4th Street


Tues - Sat 7:30 am - 6 pm

Sun 8 am - 2 pm

Please support them by stopping in soon.


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