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Thinking Outside of the Box…The Utility Box

By: Laura Scully

Local artists are transforming the mundane into masterpieces by “thinking outside of the box.” Throughout Belmont Heights and other Long Beach communities, artists are creating works of art out of utility boxes.

“You forget it’s a box that has to be there,” said artist Bob Winberry. His design, on the box at the corner of Broadway and Redondo, features a woman dancing in a colorful dress. He calls it “Now Appearing on Broadway.”

“You like it because it’s fun,” said Winberry, who added that people also get a kick out of knowing it’s done by a local.

Belmont Heights Community Association provided the graffiti-resistant paint for the many boxes in the neighborhood. Winberry’s artwork, prepared and installed by artist Doug Walker, is actually an image print wrapped around the box. Others are directly painted on the box. His art features decorative tile that reflects the tile on the building immediately adjacent.

A local artist for 35 years and a member of the Belmont Heights Artists’ Association, Winberry has been part of the annual BHA2 Open Studio Tour. He envisions more utility box masterpieces in the future. Winberry explained, “There’s younger artists out there who would really like to do one.” If you are one of those artists, contact the BHCA!


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