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Updated BHCA Bylaws & Intentions

By Tasha Thrift

The Board of Directors of the Belmont Heights Community Association recently changed the bylaws in order to broaden them and to open Board membership to a wider group. Previously, renters were excluded from participating. “We wanted to make sure we felt inclusive in the neighborhood,” Gina Redican, BHCA president, said. “We are a community association, not a homeowners’ association.”

In addition, some Board members felt business owners should be eligible, with a limit. Although business owners might not reside in Belmont Heights, they are members of the community who could share their input and offer valuable feedback.

The new rule reads: “The Board of Directors of The Belmont Heights Community Association may be composed of members (Members defined as current with dues) that represent a variety of community interests including: residents (homeowners or renters), business persons (with a maximum representation of 1/3 of the Board of Directors), and religious representatives. These individuals must provide proof of residency, business ownership, etc., within the boundaries of Belmont Heights as described in Article I, Section 3.”

Additionally, another bylaw mandated a minimum of 10 community meetings a year. When COVID struck, the Board had to pivot to online meetings, and they began imagining different ways to hold meetings. The number of yearly meetings and their format also came into question.

“The plan is to create more event-focused community meetings and activities,” Gina said. “Still having the big events — meeting Suzie Price, police, etc. — but removing the burden of obligatory meetings. We really want to broaden our range.”

The bylaws and meeting changes were passed by a majority vote. To find the most recent bylaws, visit

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