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Viento y Agua

The BHCA has held many of our art events at Viento y Agua over the years. In fact, its become the "go-to" spot for many of our ad hoc meetings. Viento y Agua has everything you want in a neighborhood coffee house. A great and welcoming atmosphere with excellent coffee house stables like organic, fair-trade coffee, bagel sandwiches, and some yummy yerba mate! Hot or cold.

Photo: Ellen Butler

Supporting our neighborhood businesses is more important than ever today. The BHCA will be giving a "Gift Card a Day" for June to one of our active members to help support and highlight small businesses in our neighborhood.

Today's winner is Ole Opgaard! Ole y Viento, what a great combination!

Viento y Agua

4007 E 4th St


Daily 7 am - 3 pm

Please support them by stopping in soon.


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