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ZIP BOOKS: Your Library Delivers!

Can't find what you're looking for at the Long Beach Public Library (LBPL)? Now you can request a book not currently held by LBPL, have it sent directly to your house via Amazon Prime, read it, return it to any branch and be on your way! Did we mention this is free to you?

Using a grant from the California State Library, our library offers this state-wide project to deliver books to patrons; then, once you’ve read the book and dropped it at any branch, it will be cataloged into the LBPL collection for others to enjoy, too.

Rules are simple:

· You must have a LBPL library card in good standing.

· The item may be a regular book, a large print book, or a book on CD.

· The request must be for either an item the Library does not already own or a currently owned item in a different format.

· The cost of the item must be less than $50.

· The item must not be a best seller.

· The item must be available through Amazon Prime.

You can go into any LBPL branch to order your book. Keep the item as long as you want, but you won't be able to order more ZIP Books until the first one is returned to any LBPL location during open hours (DO NOT RETURN TO A BOOK DROP!).

Repeat as many as three times per month!


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