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Old MADD Project Descriptions

Curb Appeal

All ages welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

Help Long Beach Organic get ready for summer by doing a bit of gardening.  Their parking strips on Grand need volunteers to do some weeding and to plant summer flowers to spruce up their street-side gardens.


All Aboard the Bloodmobile!

Woman Donating Blood

All are welcome!

This year Cedar Sinai will be parking the Bloodmobile at our Make A Difference Day event.  All are welcome to stop by any time and donate your life juice, or sign up below.  The Mobile unit will be parked at the event starting at 9:00 AM!  Stop by and SAVE A LIFE!

Cookies for our Heroes!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

All ages welcome-great for kids; Limit of 90 Volunteers

Decorate cookies and cards to thank our first responders for their bravery!  Sign up for a tour of your closest or favorite fire station and take cookies & cards to thank our heroes.  Get a tour of the firehouse, try on fire fighting gear and maybe slide down the pole!

Flash Food Drive

Minors must be accompanied by adult; Limit of  30 Volunteers

Go in teams to local supermarkets and hand out ‘grocery want lists’ to customers.  Ask them to buy something on the list and donate it on the way out!  Your collected goods will benefit local organizations to assist those in need including LBCC's Viking Vault

Grocery shopping

Basics for Beings

Liquid Shampoo

Ages 6+ are welcome: Limit of  10 Volunteers

Our amazing community raised over $2000 for this project and we are so thankful! Help us assemble hygiene kits for families who could use a little help themselves.

Thank you to all those that donated!

STAND Up for Bees!

Swarm of Bees

Ages 6+ are welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

Long Beach Organics has a wonderful apiary (a collection of beehives) that need elevating, literally.  Help LBO protect their beautiful bees and get them off the ground by building stands for the hives.  Long Live the Queen Bee! 

Be a Michaelangelo!

Ages 6+ are welcome: Limit of  12 Volunteers

Bring your painting skills to the chapel at Christian Outreach in Action.  COA feeds more than 200 families, twice a day, and they need some sprucing up where people stand in line.  You don't need to be a Master to paint this chapel!

Paint Buckets

A Dog's Tale

All ages welcome; Limit of 30 Volunteers

Our favorite project is back!  Help the Animal Care Services Bureau to ‘socialize’ these sweet pooches and keep them from being lonely while they wait for a forever home. They miss their masters and love having people around.  You will be right outside of each kennel, with your own doggie to cheer up.

Funny Pitbull Portrait

Purrrfecting Playtime!

Cute Kitten

All ages welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

Make kitty toys out of pipe cleaners, and play with kittens?  YES, PLEASE!  Help the Animal Care Services Bureau keep these kitties company with lots of play and pets...While you're at it, maybe throw in some laundry while you play?  Who knows, you may even take home a new best friend (if approved, of course).

Redcar Weedbelt!

All ages welcome; Limit of 50 Volunteers

You won’t want to miss this stop! Let’s keep Belmont Height's only neighborhood’s park beautiful & growing by removing non-native plants, planting native plants, sowing seeds, & spreading mulch over the tracks.  

Dandelion Seeds

Blanketed in Love!

Sleeping Baby

Minors must be accompanied by adult; Limit of  20 Volunteers

Didn’t we all have our favorite soft blankey?   Well, lots of sick and homeless kids don’t have one, so come and help us make soft, cuddly fleece blankets for shelters and hospitals in our neighborhood.  Fabric will be supplied or pick some fabric you like and donate it! 


Ages 8+ Welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

No Zombies here!  Help Long Beach Organic build a new composting system to provide rich nutrients for their charitable gardens.  You will be building a 4-part composting system out of wood and chickenwire to contain compost at various stages.

Community Garden

Get Crafty!

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

All ages welcome; Limit of 30 Volunteers

Join the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church and Meals on Wheels and show of your crafting skills as we decorate  lunch bags for our Homeboud Neighbors.  This will be such a fun treat and a well wish to those who receive services from Meals on Wheels!

Revive the Archives

Ages 12+ welcome!  Must be able to navigate stairs.

Limit of 6 Volunteers

The Belmont Heights United Methodist Church needs a few strong individuals to relocate their archives.  Volunteers will help move boxes of historical documents to another area of the church and navigate a narrow, steep staircase.  All you bluff stair-runners, this one's great for you!

Male Movers

A Growing Experience:
4 Projects to Choose From

Female Agripreneurs

Select your project on the registration form 
Please note that some of these projects involve more intense labour*

Kids Must Be Accompanied by Adults; Limit of 90 Volunteers (about 15-30 volunteers per project)

Run by the MAYE Center at Carmelitos, this 7 acre farm is using trauma healing gardening techniques to teach almost 715 families how to take care of themselves and has become a community food hub!  Let's lend them a hand and help rehab and update their farm with 4 different projects:

  • Raise the Beds: Bring your carpentry and weeding skills to help rehabilitate their 60 raised garden beds.

  • SIGN Me Up!: Artistic Skills Wanted;

Ages 16+: Paint educational signs so people can learn all about their aquaponic system that uses their fish farm waste as fertilizer! 

  • Feed the Farm: The 7 acre farm is ready for some new plants!  Be an actual farmer for a day!  Overalls and straw hat encouraged (wink).

  • Protect Their Orchard:  An invasive passion-fruit like vine has invaded their beautiful orchard.  We need a lot of hands for this one as we pull these harmful vines from their fruiting trees.

Sweet & Sticky!

All ages welcome; Limit of 30 Volunteers

Have you ever seen 1800 PB&J sandwiches in one place?  Come be a part of our PB&J assembly project, and help SPREAD the love!  These sandwiches will go into lunches for Christian Outreach, who feed more than 200 families twice a day!  We need bread-runners, spreaders & packers!

Homemade Preserves
Painting Wall

Beautifying Food Bank

Ages 8+ welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

Help this food bank freshen up the walls with paint!  If you’re creative, maybe design something special?  No ladder work here, we work where we can reach. This food bank feeds over 150 families a week, so let's give the families something beautiful to look at.

Food Bank Facelift!

Ages 8+ welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

This organization runs an on-site food-bank is also a support center which helps people get benefits and needed services.  The front exterior is old and tired, let’s give it a ‘fresh face’ with some new paint!  Wear your painting clothes and let's roll on the fun!

Children Painting Wall

Stay in School!

All ages welcome; Limit of 6 Volunteers

This project provides School on Wheels with backpacks filled with school supplies. School on Wheels uses volunteer tutors once or twice a week to help tutor homeless or ‘shelter kids’ so they can stay in school.  Help us collect and assemble backpacks and have an opportunity to be a volunteer tutor I hour a week if you’re interested.  You can also sponsor a backpack by making a donation below!

Kids with Backpacks

Senior Sing-A-Long

Children Singing in a Choir

All ages welcome; Limit of 12 Volunteers

Masks are required for this particular event.

Bring your biggest voice, learn a few songs together, and sing joyfully for seniors who are happy to listen!  The Villa Redondo is hosting this special day to cheer people up and get’em singing! 

Not Badlands...WETLANDS!

All ages welcome; Limit of 40 Volunteers

Help preserve one of the few remaining wild bird/animal habitats in our area, The Los Cerritos Wetlands!  Start with a quick workshop on site about the wetlands, what they are, and why they’re important to us.  Then head out to help remove non-native plants and objects, and restore some native vegetation. 

Yucatan Penninsula

Trees for LB!

Planting Trees

All ages welcome; Limit of 15 Volunteers

Let's plant some trees around our beautiful city!  City of Long Beach has approved specific places where volunteers will help plant trees.  The holes are dug, they're just waiting for you to give them something to grow.  This project is sponsored and supervised by the City of Long Beach.

Step Up on 3rd!

Ages 10+ welcome; Limit of 8 Volunteers

Help us paint the stairs between floors of the old church that houses a well known homeless outreach program at 3rd and Linden.  Families living below the poverty line use their food bank, clothing bank, diaper bank, counseling center, and much more.  Let’s help spiff it up!

Running Outdoor

I Can See Clearly Now...

Washing Window

All ages welcome; Limit of 6 Volunteers

This church at 7th & Atlantic is well known for the weekly shower program they’ve run for 20 years.  It is the ONLY shower program in LA, and hosts about 125 homeless every Saturday.  Be part of a team that washes and shines the glass doors to various depths of the church.

Planting Roots

All ages welcome; Limit of 5 Volunteers

Volunteer with Conservation Corp to plant trees where they are needed most.  This is a great way to learn about our native plants and what it takes to keep them alive.  This project will leave a beautiful legacy for all to enjoy!

People Planting Trees

Organizing is Satisfying

Tidy Closet

All ages welcome; Limit of 6 Volunteers

A local clothes bank needs help arranging and sorting all the generously donated clothes.  They have a great system, but need things put in the right spaces so their clients can come and ‘shop’ by organized categories such as gender, size, etc... If you like things organized, this is the project for you! 

The Giving Garden

Ages 6+ welcome; Limit of 10 Volunteers

Long Beach Organics is a wonderful organization that runs community gardens throughout Long Beach. These community gardens also donate produce for individuals in need by growing fresh fruits and vegetables for local food banks.  Amazing!  Help out LBO by replanting a large portion of their Food Bank Plot.

Harvesting Vegetables
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