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Belmont Heights
Yard of the Month

The BHCA has a new program, the Belmont Heights Yard of the Month!  Each month one home will be selected and will display the BHCA's “Yard of the Month” sign AND receive a gift certificate from one of our Belmont Heights merchants!


Selections will be based on the overall appearance of the home’s landscaping, or balcony gardens for apartment dwellers.  We will also recognize the creativity of seasonal decorations; July 4th (July), Halloween (October), “The Holiday’s” (December).


Criteria for yard of the month:

- Overall appearance / street appeal 

- Low water use landscaping is preferable 

- Color, variety, interest

- Maintenance/Upkeep 

September's Winner

Our very first Yard Of the Month is at 271 Mira Mar Avenue. 

Owners George and Greg have done an amazing job of not only renovating the interior of their 100-year old bungalow, but also completely redoing the landscaping.   George told me when they bought the house the front was grass and a rose garden, while pretty it didn’t suite their aesthetic or desire to reduce water consumption.   What they created is a lush look that features drought tolerant plants fed by an occasional drip feed with walkways, seating areas and creative lighting that accents the house perfectly. 

If you are walking Mira Mar between Vista and 3rd keep an eye out for the sign and admire a great look.

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