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Benson’s Liquor

By: Cynthia Gellis

There has been a liquor store on the corner of 4th Street and Ximeno since the 1960’s. Back in those days, it was known as the Blue Corner. Some employees from back then still live in the neighborhood, and still make a point of stopping in.

These days, Benson’s is not just any old corner liquor store. In addition to corner store staples (beer, ice, soft drinks, candy, and chips), Benson’s stocks necessities like milk, laundry detergent, pet food, and hot sauce. If you haven’t been in before, you will probably be surprised by the large selection of craft beer, the assortment of premium wines, the extensive whiskey collection that includes a range of Japanese whiskeys, and even a variety of artisanal mezcal.

In 2019, Benson’s underwent a major renovation including a new façade, updated shelving, and the addition of a “beer cave” and wine cellar. George Abdulhai, who has owned Benson’s Liquor since 2003, felt that it was important to update the neighborhood landmark to make sure that it continues to serve the residents of Belmont Heights for the next 60 years. For George, “a store is only as good as its customers. We have great customers and they deserve a great store.”


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