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Nima Novin: Candidate for Council District 3

Nima Novin: Running for Council District 3

Why are you interested in this position?

I am proud to be a lifelong resident of Long Beach’s Third District and am running to serve you and your families, be a voice for our district, and help preserve the community we know and love. I believe in giving back and leaving things better than I found them and view this position as a continuation of that philosophy.

I’ve served as President for the USC Alumni Club of Long Beach, Vice President of Leadership Long Beach, and am on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CSULB. As a business strategist at Ernst & Young, I work hard to help my clients solve their most critical business challenges and deliver the greatest value to their customers. I want to bring this same approach to local government and deliver on your behalf.Leveraging my deep roots in the community along with my business, non-profit, and education experience to help deliver exceptional service to the residents of the Third District.

What relative experience do you have in this career field?

I am a product of the Long Beach Unified School District – attending Kettering Elementary, Hill Middle School, and the PACE program at Long Beach Poly High School. I attended Long Beach City College and earned both my Bachelors’ and MBA degrees from the University of Southern California (USC). I have a proven track record helping Fortune 500 companies prioritize multi-million dollar budgets and build strategies that place the customer at the center of the decision making process.

In addition to my work as a Business Strategist at Ernst & Young, I teach in the College of Business at CSULB and serve on a variety of Boards & Committees including Leadership Long Beach and the CSULB Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

What are 3 changes you would like to make while in office?

  • Prioritizing public safety in the 3rd District – adding additional officers and resources to the East Division. Working with officers, residents, and our business corridors to optimize local patrolling

  • Refreshing our approach to the challenge of homelessness – eliminating policies and programs that are not delivering results and doubling down on proven methods (e.g. REACH teams; LBPD Quality of Life Officers)

  • Creating a business-friendly atmosphere throughout the city – focusing on investing in our business corridors and reducing government ‘red tape’

What are your top priorities for small businesses ?

  • Make it easier to start and grow small businesses throughout the City. One of my first actions will be sponsoring a top to bottom review of the permitting process with the goal of reducing excessive time and expense passed on to our small business owners.

  • Build on the foundation set by the current District Three office. I plan to grow and expand the role of the district’s ‘business liaison’ so that our small businesses have support navigating city requirements efficiently.

  • Collaborate with local stakeholders such as the LB Chamber of Commerce, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), and city departments to collaborate on policy-making and deliver training, resources, and support needed to navigate city programs and requirements

What are your 3 goals or main concerns for District 3?

  • Tangible improvements in public safety and reduction in crime by prioritizing funding for additional officers and East Division resources.

  • Ending street homelessness by investing in shelter beds and mental health/drug abuse services while enforcing public camping laws

  • Providing the core city services constituents deserve and expect, including maintenance of our roads, sidewalks, parks, beaches, and waterways.

How would you address people who are concerned about the City and States Affordable Housing plan and its impact on their neighborhood?

As councilman, I will fiercely advocate that decisions impacting our neighborhoods are made at the local level and not dictated by the State. It is also important to realize housing instability impacts quality of life and we need to make sure we do the hard work required to keep options in our community affordable and build an economy with well-paying jobs that allow people to build their lives and raise their families in our great city.The city does have a requirement to add 26,502 units of new housing by 2029 and the 3rd District is tasked to deliver upon 10% of this goal. To preserve our less dense neighborhoods, I believe the most feasible area to add housing stock is along the PCH corridor in the area known as the Southeast Area Specific Plan or SEASP. I will continue to work with our engaged group of neighborhood associations and community leaders to find solutions that balance the need to make our housing supply meet demand while respecting the quality of life and charm of our local neighborhoods and our protected habitats.

What is an innovative way you plan to involve the community in your decisions?

I am running for office on a platform of being the most resident-centric, accessible candidate and delivering on that promise by knocking on doors, hosting candidate ‘coffee chats’, and attending a wide range of community meetings. Once elected, I will run my council office in the same manner. I will seek unique ways to engage our community in the decision-making process because simply put - this is how democracy works best.

One thing I’ve heard from neighbors is that the pandemic has made it a little easier to be a part of these meetings. You no longer have to drive across town to City Hall on a Tuesday evening, and instead can participate virtually over zoom where you previously may not have been able to attend an event in-person. As councilman, I will leverage traditional platforms (in-person meetings, community events, concerts in the park, etc.) with more modern digital tools (social media, community polling, zoom, etc.) to create a platform where each resident can be confident they have the ability to be a part of our community’s decision-making process in a way that works for them.

Is there a City-wide issue you would most like to address?

My number one priority will be the health and safety of the constituents that I serve. This can range from sufficiently funding our first responders to addressing the public health issues that arise from the growing homelessness crisis to leading our City out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ve helped Fortune 500 companies and government organizations prioritize multi-million dollar budgets to focus on what matters most and will bring this experience to City Hall to invest in public safety officers and other pivotal resources. In the area of public health, I will utilize my experience supporting governmental agencies and Chief Public Health Officers during the COVID-19 pandemic to lead the city out of some of our darkest days to a more resilient, prosperous, and healthy future.


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