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President’s Message

Gina Redican-BHCA President

By Gina Redican

August marked the first in-person meetings in a long time for the Belmont Heights Community Association. Our Board met in person for the first time since March of 2020, we held a community meeting in the courtyard of the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church, and a portion of the newsletter team planned this issue together in Evelyn Crofts’ welcoming backyard. I realized how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing organization. The BHCA is entirely operated by volunteers from the community who donate their time, money and compassion to making our neighborhood truly wonderful. I remind myself just how many people impact the BHCA; I’d like to take a moment to highlight the BHCA newsletter team.

It struck me at our newsletter meeting how many people are involved in the production of the newsletter, and I would like to thank them. First, nothing would be possible without our advertisers, since their financial contributions enable this entire publication. I urge you to support these locally owned businesses whenever possible. Julie Folcik, a fellow Board member, works to keep our advertising list full.

The team of writers, a few of whom are the original creators of the newsletter, take account of what would interest the community, then spend hours interviewing and researching to provide entertaining stories to our readers. We have a team of copy editors whom I cannot thank enough for fixing my horrendous grammar! (You probably had to edit that last sentence. “Not much,” says MB.) Carolyn Yamaoka creates the beautiful layout and design of the News From The Neighborhood and John Shisko manages our delivery team, a large group of gregarious volunteers who love to walk the neighborhood and distribute our publication with a smile. Be sure to give them a wave and a thanks when you see them.

Our Managing Editor these past few years, Evelyn Crofts, has given enormous time and effort to coordinate this entire group of volunteers. Our group of about 20 continues to take great care in this newsletter, and we truly hope you enjoy reading each and every article.




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