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Walking the Heights

By Ina and Mike Levin

“Oh, I just worked all day and I’m so tired.”

“It’s kind of cold (hot, humid) out.”

“I have so much to do.”

You’ve heard them all (and dozens more). If you are like us, you have not only heard them but have used them. Even now, when we actually have time to walk, we sometimes find excuses not to go out.

Belmont Heights is a lovely place to walk. The weather is generally more than cooperative. We have (mainly) flat streets, beautiful streets, and streets that take us to the beach. These seem like reasons we should walk but how often do we find it a struggle to get up and get moving? Sometimes what is missing is motivation.

We need motivation to get us to do lots of things in our life. But often we need to light a fire to get that motivation going. When we need to find our motivation to walk, we rely on these:

  • A daily walking goal and a diary.

  • Calling on a walking buddy.

  • Our walking group-- we walk with WOW, (Walk on Wednesday) as often as we can.

  • Changing up our routes--the Heights has endless choices.

  • Having a destination—when our walking feels aimless, we head to the Post Office to mail a card to a friend or relative and/or get coffee at Polly’s for the trip home.

  • Thinking about our health-- it’s not a glamorous reason, but…. ‘well,’ you know.

Note: WOW walkers meet at 7:15 a.m. each Wednesday in front of the Chase Bank at 5200 E. Second St. (the corner of Second Street and Corona Avenue). The walks start at 7:30 and take a different route each week.

Another source of local walks is Walk Long Beach. Although walking events are on hold because of COVID 19, walking cards for over 30 walking loops can be found at Walk Long Beach Website.


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