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A New Croque on the Block

By Cynthia Gellis

There’s a new sandwich shop in the neighborhood and it’s dangerously good.

La Croque opened on March 15th. Pronounced CROCK, the name is a play on a female crocodile and their signature sandwich, the Croque Monsieur.

Claudette, the owner, grew up in South Africa. After living in Vienna and other cities around the world, she moved to the Belmont Heights neighborhood in 2014. She has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years. Claudette has co-owned and operated many different food businesses from fine dining establishments to gourmet markets to a cookie company, a European bakery, and now a European sandwich shop.

La Croque is a rebrand of her previous business, Happy Cow Kitchen. The inspiration for the sandwich shop was the delicious European sandwiches Claudette ate growing up. It was something that she always wanted to introduce to everyone she met. The focus of La Croque’s menu is to keep things simple and use fresh, high-quality, preservative-free ingredients like freshly baked bread and croissants. Instead of mustard and mayonnaise, almost all the sandwiches are prepared with real, full-fat, French butter, imported European cured meats, and imported cheeses.

On Sundays, Claudette bakes an assortment of European-style pastries. Selections will vary, but on any given Sunday, she could offer treats like cream puffs, coconut cake, or cookies. On other days, you may get lucky to find delights like guava turnovers or triple chocolate sea salt cookies. The next time you’re feeling snappy, you might want to chomp the Ficelle sandwich – prosciutto, French butter


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