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Eastside Canines

One of the many positives of walking the Heights is connecting with dogs and their owners. We don’t think there are many places where there are so many happy dogs. And there is never a walk where we don’t have the pleasure of petting at least a couple of them. Most owners are happy to stop and let us enjoy their precious animals. It makes our walks all the more wonderful. There is no need to plan a particular route or a special time. There are always dogs to enjoy. Our empirical data concludes that Belmont Heights is the most dog friendly place on earth.

Yes, we love dogs. But our lifestyle is not conducive to owning one. It would be unfair to an animal to be left alone so much. We have a friend who shares a dog with two other families so it is rare that this happy creature is ever without the human company it craves. There is never a need for it to be boarded. If there are any other dog lovers out there who would like to share, we’d be interested. And then we’d have a dog for others to love as we walk the Heights. Contact us through the BHCA.


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