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Enjoy the “Ocean” this Winter

The Long Beach Creative Group (LBCG) will soon launch “Ocean,” a new group art show featuring 50 pieces, selected by a jury of three art professionals, from nearly 200 submissions. The LBCG Board chose “Ocean” as the theme because the sea has shaped almost every aspect of life on the planet, and is an important part of the culture, history, and economy of the local region.

The exhibition, at LBCG/Rod Briggs Gallery, opens on Sunday, November 7, and will run through December 5. The gallery is located at 2221 E Broadway and is open from 1:00-4:00 pm Fridays through Sundays.

The LBCG is a consortium of artists, educators, and art enthusiasts engaged in creating opportunities for artists through curated exhibits. Since 2019, the LBCG/Rod Briggs Gallery has enabled the group to consistently and professionally present the depth and diversity of artistic expression in Long Beach and the surrounding communities. Several of its founding members are Belmont Heights artists.

Visit for more information.



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