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Extraordinary People Series—District 3 Is Seeking More Nominations!

By Council District 3, Staff

Extraordinary people exist within the most seemingly ordinary lives. We are what we repeatedly do. Over the next few weeks, Susie Price, Councilwoman of District 3, will be highlighting some of these individuals. Please send me an email at with suggestions. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

John Angelo, volunteer coordinator of the LB CERT-Naples Team with a Naples Strong yard sign that he helped to create and distribute

In the past few weeks, I have been recognizing a few amazing Third District residents who are going above and beyond during this crisis. The first is, John Angelo. As the volunteer coordinator of the LB CERT-Naples Team, he envisioned and organized an island-wide emergency response plan that unites Naples’ 4,000+ residents and merchants. On the one-year anniversary of the plan’s launch, the island now has nearly 60 Block Captains, 500+ community supporters, and a 20-person oversight team. Most recently, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, John helped launch a yard-sign and online campaign called, "Naples Strong." Like flying the American flag after 9/11, "Naples Strong" is a visible show of unity to fight fear and depression that can come with isolation and uncertainty. True to his community development background, John steadily champions communities by sharing insights and approaches to neighborhood collaboration all across Long Beach.

Second is Doug Billings. He has really stepped up to support our community and we are so appreciative. I also love his ongoing communications, especially during this unprecedented time. It has been so helpful for the residents to be able to find items that have been missing from other sources. Billings Hardware is an exceptional resource for us in East Long Beach, and Doug’s staff is always so helpful.

Thank you, so much to John and Doug for all you do for our community! Looking forward to more nominations of exceptional people to recognize. If you have questions please contact my office at (562) 570-6300 or by email at


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