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News From The Neighborhood Wins National Award

The Belmont Heights Community Association has won the top prize in a national competition that recognized News From The Neighborhood as the best printed newsletter in the United States. Announced on May 17th at the 40th annual Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) Conference in Palm Springs, Maureen Neeley and Will Cullen were on hand to accept the honor.

Having started the newsletter over 10 years ago, Maureen Neeley served as Editor for 6 years before handing off the duties to Bill Davis who managed the publication for 4 years. Davis, who has also served on the BHCA Board, recently retired his position and a new Editor, Evelyn Crofts, has taken on the role with this summer edition.

In that time span, News From The Neighborhood has grown from a 4-page document that was mailed to about 600 residents to what we see today: a 16-page magazine-quality publication with a printed circulation of 3,300 copies that are delivered to homes and businesses every 3 months.

On average, 24 volunteers work to produce News From The Neighborhood and another 23 volunteers walk the streets of Belmont Heights to hand deliver each issue. Additionally, 36 local advertisers support the publication with ads that pay for the publication and supplement the BHCA treasury.

We thank and congratulate all these supporters and volunteers. Overseeing the publication this past year was Editor Bill Davis. The impeccable design and layout is produced by Carolyn Yamaoka. Managing and developing our advertising is Christine Beaur-Mortezaie. Former Board member John Shisko manages distribution. Dianne Sundstrom, Maureen Neeley and Mary Barton serve as copy editors. Printing is handled by Castle Lithograph, Inc. owned by Sergio Rangel, a resident of Belmont Heights.


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