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Grateful for Gardens

Updated: May 22, 2020

By Stephanie Rosenblatt

I live at the edge of the Heights, up the hill from Belmont Shore. My usual walks take me down to the beach. Early on March 23, as I made my way across the sand and down to the waterline, a City employee patrolling the beach rolled down his passenger window and called out to me: The beaches were closed.

The next morning, I started walking the other way: up the hill, crossing Broadway. Soon I realized how lucky I was: Spring had come to Belmont Heights and I was going to enjoy all the hard work our resident gardeners have put into their front yards.

Front yards in the Heights vary in size and style. On just one street you can see lush foliage, peek into fern-covered grottos, hear trickling fountains, or admire amazing waterwise, succulent gardens. Depending on the time of day, you can see a strip of bright fuchsia aspen daisies that only open up fully in the bright sunlight.

We’ve taken pictures of some of our favorite front yards, and ask you to add your own. Our only request is that you don’t share the addresses. We want to encourage social distancing and respect the privacy of the residents.

Log in below to leave a comment with a picture of your favorite garden!


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1 Comment

Mike Letteriello
Mike Letteriello
May 22, 2020

No mention of health procedures for the Libations Society? What are the rules? These ain't the "old days."

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