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Introducing the New BHCA President

By Derrick Muska

I am genuinely delighted to have Gina Redican as my successor as BHCA President. I was at our annual BHCA holiday party a few years ago when I first met Gina. She was kind,

Gina Redican

friendly, and open to volunteering her time with the Association. Since then, I have had the privilege of working alongside Gina on so many es

sential BHCA projects, including updating our website and holding trivia nights through the Belmont Heights Libation Society. She understands the role the BHCA plays in our neighborhood and has continuously engaged with savvy and innovative ideas.

As BHCA president, I depended on Gina, and I’m grateful to call her my friend. More importantly, I am confident Gina’s extraordinary passion for our neighborhood will help our Association grow in all the right directions. I look forward to seeing where she is going to take us because, with Gina, the sky is the limit!

Long live LORD GINA!

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