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Looking to Expand Your Culinary Skills? New Biz in the Heights!

By Chuck Liddiard

Even though Belmont Heights’ newest convenience store, Grabz Asian Quick Mart, only opened this past June, owner Mimi Trinh is no stranger to the neighborhood. Being a regular of Steelhead Coffee and The Attic, she has become attuned to the charms of the community. A graduate in Business and Marketing from California State Fullerton, Mimi

Owner Mimi Trinh out front of her new mini market “Grabz” on Broadway

recognized how positive the foot traffic is in this shopping district, and when she saw the vacant storefront while stopped at a red light at the corner of Broadway and Redondo, it was just the sign Mimi needed to take that giant leap forward to pursue her dream of owning her very own Asian Market—something entirely different than her previous career in real estate.

Nestled between Broadway Video and The Firkin Pub & Grill, Grabz Asian Quick Mart (Grabz) is a bright, welcoming, storefront that grabs your attention (pun intended) with its bright colors, intriguing brands, and friendly service. When asked “Why Belmont Heights”, Mimi quickly remarked: “there is nothing like Grabz in our area. The closest Asian markets in Long Beach are on Anaheim Street, or you have to travel to Torrance or Garden Grove for certain products. Plus, the neighbors are so sweet; there is a real sense of community here.”

Mimi believes that many customers of Asian markets are confused and overwhelmed by the vast array of products and the disorganized, chaotic setup of the stores. Trinh’s goal for Grabz is to add convenience and value to the Belmont Heights community by providing a welcoming store that has high quality products with a minimalistic approach. Mimi enjoys getting to know her guests personally by engaging with them while shopping and to help them make new discoveries. Naturally, this approach has resulted in many positive reviews from happy, repeat customers.

Some of the amazing products for purchase at GRABZ

What should someone new to Asian markets consider purchasing? “That’s easy, Trinh replied; spring rolls are easy and fun to make because you can literally create any combination to meet your dietary preference. You can buy everything for them right here, including rice wrappers, chili sauce, vermicelli and fish sauce.” Some other unique and popular items people come to Grabz to shop for include Chinese sausage, furikake rice seasonings and fried garlic/onion. And next time you drop in, do not forget to try Mimi’s favorite products, which are Mama Instant Noodles and Lee Kum Kee seasonings. Just remember to bring an open mind and your reusable bags, because with so many great things to choose from, you may find yourself enjoying a taste of Asia every day of the week.

Grabz Asian Quick Mart

3403 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays (11-7:30 PM)

Weekends (11-6:00 PM)

Closed Wednesdays



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