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More Music Long Beach

By Tasha Thrift

More Music LB is a new musical instrument and equipment retail and repair shop run by previous employees of Long Beach’s Gilmore Music, a beloved institution that operated for 75 years until owner Clint Gilmore passed away in 2020. The new business owners wanted to carry on Gilmore’s legacy and reputation by continuing to serve Long Beach musicians and enthusiasts and chose Belmont Heights as its location to do so.

Owners Etienne Bouyer, Andre Bouyer, Andy Arroyo, and Pedro Rodriguez wanted to provide quality work, assessment and reliable instrument repair while also offering a retail store. They selected this new location in part so established Gilmore customers wouldn’t have to travel far to continue getting help with their musical needs.

“It was kind of the luck of the draw that the area was available,” Etienne said. “It is here on 7th between Euclid and Grand that everything just worked out really well”.

Pedro added: “This place found us. The landlord really liked the fact that most of the businesses here provide services, so he wanted an establishment that helps the community.”

The owners say the location is beneficial for reaching out to local schools such as Jefferson, Rogers, and Wilson. They’re building musical inventory for students, such as basic needs for cleaning accessories, mouthpieces, reeds, and more. The four are looking forward to incorporating repair of brass and woodwinds in their services as well.

Additionally, the crew noted that record stores such as Dizzy on Vinyl and Dex Records are nearby and have referred their customers to More Music LB for turntable repair, record needles, and belts. More Music LB has also directed their customers to Dizzy and Dex for vinyl record purchases.

More Music LB sells new and used musical instruments and provides services including setups on string instruments (Taylor and Gibson certified), repairing turntables (Technics, Pioneer, Kenwood and more) and selected stereo equipment repair, all performed by experienced technicians. Music lessons and accessories such as music stands, amps, strings, straps, drumsticks, and tuners are also available.

Andy mentioned they are working on building their musical supplies, and welcomes feedback and suggestions. He would love to hear from the community on how the store is doing and invites the neighborhood to visit and follow More Music LB on social media.

“If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop by, come visit and let us know how we’re doing. If you aren’t seeing things we should carry, please let us know.”

More Music is located at 3736 E. 7th Street. Store hours are Monday-Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. Phone: (562) 434-6469. Follow them on Instagram @more_music_lb



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