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New Plaques for Homes

By Tasha Thrift

The Belmont Heights Community Association offers yard signs for houses that have reached 100 years of age. But what about the rest of our proud residents? If your place is a little younger, yet has character and distinction, new signage might be for you.

The organization is working to offer plaques in two styles — to post on homes themselves or attach to garden stakes for yards — available to every residence. The signs will read: “Belmont Heights/Built in [Year]” with either “Long Beach, CA” or “Historic District” as the last line, depending on your area.

Former BHCA president Derrick Muska made creating the plaques one of his priorities during his tenure. He wanted a way for all Belmont Heights residents to show neighborhood pride. “When I was president, this was one of my hopes; I wanted it to be inclusive, not just historic districts, but to everyone to show pride in your home,” Muska said.

The signs will be offered for a donation.

Visit for updates on availability.

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