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On the Shelf … at the LB Public Library

This Isn’t Your Dusty Set of Encyclopedias

Digital resources are a wealth of help for all stages of our lives. At, the World Book Online is a digital encyclopedia, but don’t mistakenly think it is an eBook! It can be described as an interactive learning experience, as you can see here:

  • World Book Early Learning has games and activities for children who are in the pre-reading stage and those learning to read;

  • World Book Kids is the best resource for school age kids writing reports, planning science projects, or who are just curious;

  • World Book Student, Discover, and Timelines are geared more for upper elementary and middle school students;

  • World Book Advanced is primarily for high school (and older) students and includes a citation builder (a huge help for those writing term papers);

  • World Book Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos, which is entirely in Spanish;

  • Bonus - each section has California curriculum aligned resources for teachers to use.

How do you find all this? Go to, pull down the RESEARCH menu, look for DIGITAL LIBRARY, then scroll alphabetically to WORLD BOOK ONLINE. You will need your library card number. Don’t have one? Get to your nearest branch and sign up. Free and instantaneous.



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