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President’s Message

By Gina Redican

The Spring Egg Hunt included this cute bunny (President Gina), surrounded by some of her fans (fellow board members Derrick and Diana Muska).

Looking back on my first year as president of the BHCA has given me hope and inspiration. Knowing that the BHCA and its membership can come out of 2021 strong and motivated for community togetherness is a driving force for what is to come this year.

The BHCA is always committed to informing the neighborhood, and we keep that as our top priority. The hours spent on the newsletters, eblasts, meetings, website and more, hopefully reflect our efforts. We also spend a lot of time planning ways to engage the community by planning events. Now that the future seems brighter, we are excited to work harder on finding more ways to connect neighbors with one another. As president, I made a list of goals and many of them are events (including a relaunch of the Libations Society!).

Logo by Ryan Shea: Founder of Open Hand Media

Empowering our neighbors to achieve their goals is a huge part of our role in the neighborhood. Sometimes it’s hard to know who to call or reach out to when you have a problem, and that is why we are here. Our job is to help connect you to the right people to solve your problem to the best of our ability.

As I move forward in my journey as president, I hope that I can continue to fulfill my “Goals” and will try my hardest to serve this community. The BHCA is committed to growing with our community and to adapt and learn how we can be a better resource for our residents. As always, we are inspired by our members without whom none of what we do is possible. I urge those who are reading our beautiful newsletter to consider becoming members, if you aren’t already. Remember, renters, business owners and homeowners are all welcome as we all thrive in this community … and just think about all the other fun events we can plan together!

I am excited for what is to come this year and that this community can work together to accomplish even more!



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