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President’s Message

By Gina Redican

So long 2021! You were like a rollercoaster we were forced to ride and are happy it’s over. We’ve had some real ups and downs, the year took twists and turns and even a few loops, but hopefully, as we disembark from this wild ride, we can look back and think how much stronger we are from what we have had to overcome.

As I reflect over another year on the board of the BHCA, I feel overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from members of the community that stretches even beyond the borders of Belmont Heights. I’ve received many compliments from individuals congratulating me for how active our community is, and I wish to pass those words onto you. The people of our community are our inspirations, and without your involvement we would not have been able to accomplish so many wonderful things over the past year, despite all the obstacles. Some of those obstacles caused us to cancel some events, which was frustrating, but we figured out a way to adapt. Some of these adaptations were quite fun.

Our 3rd of July Bike Ride was a blast! We got to meet some new faces in the neighborhood, and we can’t wait to see how big we can grow this event. Our Egg Hunt is one of our favorite moments. Bodhi the Bunny in the little Electric Shopper and handing out treats to children of ALL ages really brought us joy. If you got the chance to attend Goblins on the Greenbelt, you would agree that it was the best it’s ever been. To all the businesses and members of the community who helped make the event possible, we cannot thank you enough.

Although it was a lot of work, participating in the redistricting process was enlightening and outrageously rewarding. Board members Julie Folcick and Kathleen Brady, as well as former BHCA president Dianne Sundstrom, put in a tremendous amount of work and are a large part of why the Colorado Lagoon, Alamitos Heights and much of the eastern coastal area are still within our district boarders. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices they made during that process.

With the ups come the downs, of course. One of which is that the BHCA Board bid farewell to one of our most favorite people, Will Cullen. Although he is no longer on the board, Will is continuing his incredible work for our Drive-Thru-Food-Drive, an initiative he started during COVID that has impacted our city more than you could imagine. More than that, Will has had so many wonderful accomplishments with the BHCA, and has been a tremendous role model. Thank you, Will, for all you have taught me. You know how to inspire and push people in just the right way. You never said no to our ideas, and you held us accountable for them. We will miss you on the team, and I will never forget how many times you were there for me when I needed help.

Looking towards the future, I have a feeling 2022 will have some similar challenges, but it’s not going to stop us. We are working on new ways to engage, including a Scavenger Hunt! However, none of our endeavors are possible without your help and support. The BHCA is looking for fresh ideas and fresh minds to join our team, and as always, we are looking for new members. If you are not a member already, consider becoming one and help us be even more successful. Once again, our members are our inspiration, and we can’t do this without you.

I hope your 2022 is a year filled with love, health, and happiness.



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