Short Term Rental Ordinance

Updated: May 17

Many of our members have shown interest in Short Term Rentals and we wanted to share the following information. The Long Beach City Council Agenda for Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at 5:00 PM was released, and the proposed short term rental (STR) ordinance is listed as Agenda Item #16. 


An individual may have one (1) primary residence STR and up to two (2) non-primary residence STRs in the City.

  • Hosted stays in a STR are not limited

  • Un-hosted stays in a primary residence STR are limited to a maximum of ninety (90) days per year

  • Un-hosted stays in a non-primary residence are not limited 

  • Maximum occupancy in any STR shall not exceed ten (10) persons

Large-scale events such as commercial parties, weddings, fundraisers, and conferences, are permitted, up to 6 times per year, as long as a STR occasional event permit has been issued.

The total number of non-primary residence STR registrations shall not exceed one thousand (1,000) dwelling units unless otherwise directed by the City Council by ordinance or resolution. 

Residents may initiate an "opt-out" petition (not allow STRs) based on census block groups or census tracts. The estimated cost of such a petition is $1,000 to be paid by the petitioner(s).



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