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Tour Belmont Heights with the Tour LBC App

By Maureen Neeley

The BHCA is excited to announce that there is now a self-guided historic and architectural tour of the northeast quadrant of the Belmont Heights neighborhood! We’ve worked with Amy Stock at Tour LBC to help make this possible. Tour LBC is an app that provides self-guided tours of the art, history, and culture of Long Beach. To download the free app, go to the App Store or Google Play. Go to for more information.

Some of the sights seen and discussed on the self-guided BH Audio Tour: Gaytonia Apartments & Ma ‘n Pa Grocery.

A special thanks to John Denissen who mapped out, researched, and paced the 2.8-mile route. He photographed the points of interest and provided the context and audio for the script. John is new to Belmont Heights (see his home featured on page 8), but he is an old hand at leading tours as a long-time docent for Long Beach Heritage. The BHCA is grateful John brought his A-game to Belmont Heights!


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