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Last Saturday of The Month Food Drive Continues

By Will Cullen

Starting in August of 2020, the BHCA partnered with the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church to collect dry and canned foods and donate the foods to smaller area food banks in Long Beach. Organized by Will Cullen and Reverend Lisa Fitzpatrick, the monthly collection occurs on the last Saturday of every month. It’s set up as a parking lot drive-through at the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church where people can donate foods from the safety of their cars.

Will Cullen making one of several food and hygiene deliveries to the AIDS Food Store in Long Beach

On December 26th, the drive-by project collected 30 cases of food along with $250 in cash donations, all of which benefited the AIDS Food Store (AFS) in Long Beach. Also donated were 40 new garments and 200 used coats designated for distribution to the local homeless.

Since August, organizations that have benefited from this project include the food banks at The Century Villages at Cabrillo, Days Long Beach, Long Beach Senior Center, and the Student Center at Long Beach City College.

The drive-by food donation will continue to run on every “last Saturday of the month” so remember to mark your calendar.

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