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Wilson Seniors Return to Campus

By Cynthia Gellis

As the Wilson High School Class of 2022 prepares to return to campus for their first complete year of in-person high school since ninth grade, I spoke with incoming seniors Grace Littleworth and Sammy Baker about the difference between remote and in person learning, how they spent their pandemic time, and their thoughts about their senior year.

Sammy Baker
Grace Littleworth

As motivated, college-bound students, Sammy and Grace experienced the same challenges with remote learning. The barrier that Zoom etiquette created to being able to interact with teachers and classmates made it harder to ask questions and share ideas. For Sammy, returning to the classroom last March for hybrid learning helped a lot. Both she and Grace are looking forward to being back in the classroom full-time.

The shutdown put a big crimp in activities for organizations like Sport It Forward, a group that raises money to provide underserved children with sports equipment and instruction that Sammy is involved with and the Z Girls Sorority, a community service club of which both girls are members. As secretary of the Ocean Clean Up Club, Sammy was happy that the group was able to continue organizing beach cleanups during the shutdown. And Grace was glad the orchestra was able to resume practice (outside) this past spring.

Of course, what’s a pandemic without a pandemic project? Grace launched her own handmade earring business on Instagram (@GalandBeau.) Sammy was fortunate to go on a college tour of her top schools, something that a lot of kids have not gotten to do in the past few years.

Sammy, who is a soccer player, and Grace, who plays lacrosse, were both happy to have spring seasons in their respective sports. Grace also began coaching her old club team.

As they get ready to head back to in-person school, they are looking forward to getting to participate in regular senior activities, being able to do things in person, and seeing their school friends on a regular basis. Sammy, a Link Crew coach, will be helping the freshmen get started off on the right foot.

When I asked what they thought the impact of a year and a half of remote learning will be for the Class of 2022, Grace said that she thinks that it will be easier for people to connect in person because they know that they all went through the same things alone.



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