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Business Profile: Vero Pilates for Every Body

By Cynthia Gellis

Veronica Colwell passionately believes that Pilates is for any person, at any age, in any condition. Her goal for Vero Pilates on 4th Street is to provide a positive movement experience for all of our Belmont Heights community.

Vero Pilates, on 4th Street

Veronica had been working on creating a digital platform as a complement to in-studio instruction before March 2020. When the shutdown happened, the studio immediately pivoted to virtual instruction. She is proud of her team for rising to the challenge and pleased with the high-quality service they provide through this new medium. The digital platform offers a great way to serve clients in high-risk categories wherever they are in the world.

Pilates requires the body to activate intrinsic muscles that increase stability, balance, and flexibility. This helps those who are already-fit avoid muscle imbalances and injuries. For those who are not already active, it is a safe way to build and maintain muscle mass and mitigate other physical issues.

The studio’s hallmark is its welcoming, inclusive environment. As part of Veronica’s mission to make Pilates accessible to everyone, free, virtual, community classes are offered on Saturdays at 9 am. These classes are open to everybody through the scheduling feature on the website.

Vero Pilates loves to collaborate with other local businesses. One example is having Growing Roots create unique plant installations to define and provide privacy for the studio’s new, open-air space for private, in-person instruction.

Information about the full range of Pilates instruction offered can be found at

Vero Pilates

3934 East 4th Street, Long Beach 90814




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