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Tips From Your Trainer - Feeling Safe at the Gym

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

By Gina Redican

When gyms have re-opened, many of you are probably fearful of going to a space with a lot of other people and sharing equipment. Here are a few tips to help you feel more comfortable with that experience.

Something I suggested even before the pandemic is to use disinfectant wipes BEFORE AND AFTER using the equipment. Although we like to trust people’s ability to clean, they may have missed a spot, didn’t clean at all, or used their dirty, sweaty towel to do the job. If your gym does not provide wipes, bring your own or find a gym that does. But do read the label and make sure the wipes will not harm the equipment (alcohol can dry out leather/vinyl and rubber dumbbells).

Wear workout gloves and WASH THEM REGULARLY! They not only help with gripping and preventing calluses, they also add a protective barrier between your hands and the things you touch. Wash your hands before you put them on (even if you washed your hands at home, you probably touched your doorknob, car door, and steering wheel before you entered the gym), and wash your hands when you’re done. It literally takes 20 seconds to complete this task.

Wear your mask. I know it’s hot and can be uncomfortable; try a disposable mask that won’t collapse into your mouth while you’re exercising (and please, throw it away when you’re done). Or just do the strength training in the gym and get your high-intensity cardio outside with fewer people nearby. If you can’t wear a mask while you exercise, then being in a gym right now is probably not for you. Stick to an at-home or outdoor, socially distanced, routine.

As a gym owner, I have a lot of sympathy for my patrons, but I must abide by the rules for the safety of myself, staff, and clients. I would like to give my clients a round of applause for being really great about these changes. Please, understand that gym owners have been through a lot these past few months and that the expense of operating now is much higher with potentially a lower number of patrons and less income. Be kind and be supportive


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