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Tips to Help with Fallen Palm Fronds

By Jennifer Carey, Community Relations Officer, Public Works

As we quickly approach the end of 2020 and the start of the storm season here in Long Beach, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that palm frond disposal is available for residents. As the winds pick up, you may notice an increase in fallen palm fronds or foliage in front of your property. Unfortunately, street sweepers do not have the capacity to sweep up large debris and refuse drivers are limited in materials that can be collected during their routes.

Gather fallen palm fronds near the corner of you block, in the parkway if it exists, and call for a free pickup.

We are asking for everyone’s help in keeping our City clean. If you’re able, you may collect fallen palm fronds and pile them near the corner of your block - on the parkway (out of the street and off the sidewalk). Residents can then call us to schedule a free palm frond pick-up: (562) 570-2700. Additionally, please rake or sweep up leaves in front of your property and dispose of them in your refuse bin. By keeping our streets and gutters free of large debris, we keep our storm drain system clear and minimize the risk of potential flooding. For more information or questions, please email me at



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