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From our Council Member

By Suzie Price, Third District Councilwoman

Dear Neighbor,

I know that 2020 was a very challenging and unpredictable year for all of us. This year has included news, realities, and long-term impacts that none of us could have imagined. Although there have been some personal silver linings for all of us along the way, the anxiety of not knowing what the future will hold for our community, our families, and our nation in terms of financial impacts, availability of vaccines, and the long-term recovery has made most of this year unsettling. At least that is how I have felt.

Suzie Price, Third District Councilwoman

As we begin 2021, the City will continue its focus on three main areas:

  1. Health and protecting people from the virus. With the vaccine becoming available to more and more people there is a growing ability for people to be better protected.

  2. Providing a safety net for our local business economy to ensure once we are allowed to reopen, we can do so with a strong and resilient economy.

  3. Providing the essential daily services to residents we all expect from our City. Things like street repair, police response, parks programming, trash collection, and the thousands of other responsibilities shouldered by our fantastic Long Beach City staff every day.

2020 was difficult but I believe we can all look to 2021 with renewed positivity for the world and our lives in it. And for me this positivity comes from the community. For months we’ve seen everyone facing enormous challenges, but time and time again individuals and groups in our community worked together finding creative ways to help and give of themselves for others in need. So many people have reached out to our office this year, to thank us for our communications and to assure me and my team that we will get through this together. This optimism gives me faith in the future. The strength of our community and the love we have for everyone around us throughout our beautiful City will be what helps us move forward.

I hope you will join me as we enter 2021 and place a priority on helping others and on making our City a more loving and positive place than we have ever seen before. We can set aside divisiveness and anger and choose to focus our energies on bringing one another closer together and rebuilding our hard-hit businesses and economy. We have lots of work to do, so let’s get to it!

As always please feel free to reach out to my office any time at or by phone at (562)570-6300. Please also sign up for my monthly email newsletter with important updates and useful resources for the community.



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