Holiday Decorating Contest

Article and photos by Tasha Thrift

Our 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest entries did not disappoint — extra important for that year because, well, I think we can all agree we really needed some cheer! But also important because the critical eyes upon them were very discriminating, even if those eyes were barely 4.5 feet off the ground.

Our judges were a sophisticated panel of holiday-loving 7 to 9 year-olds from Fremont Elementary. They took their responsibilities very seriously, and all of your decorations truly impressed them.

On behalf of a grateful community, we thank Belmont Heights for brightening the neighborhood and our spirits. Here are the judges’ favorites:

Best Front Door - 230 Mira Mar

“Get down! Disco Boogie Christmas.” − Bodhi (9)

Funniest - 4251 Massachusetts

“Lots of wieners.” − Emmit (9)

Best Traditional - 233 Ximeno

“The Christmas village is beautiful! Like a magical dream.” − Chloe (7)

Best Lights - 262 Euclid

“Oh, yeah — definitely a winner for lighting.” − Wes (9)

Overall - Over the Top - 360 Loma

“Wow! There’s a lot going on here!” − Bodhi

“So colorful. And hey, Santa — work those short shorts!” − Dylan (9)

“This is so festive, oh my gosh. The Christmas spirit made my legs not tired.” − Wes

“The time and effort that was put into this house is amazing. This house has been here ever since I was able to walk. It holds a lot of memories for me and every year it gets better and better.” − Emmit

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