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Winter Garden Time

By Cynthia Gellis

Unlike many places where winter means a full stop to one’s outdoor activities, in Belmont Heights, the growing season doesn’t end and winter is a great time to get a jump on many garden projects.

Winter rains make our hard clay easier to work with, allowing for this continuation of a two-tiered garden space.

One garden project that is ideal for this time of year is terraforming (moving dirt around). When I was speaking with a neighbor who is serious about her gardening, she mentioned how the days after a good winter rainstorm (although they may be few and far between) are a great time to work with our clay-based soil that can be too hard to dig up the rest of the year. For my neighbor, it means sculpting a two-tiered planting bed that allows more room to grow vegetables and helps with water retention. For me, it means finally taking out a patch of overgrown daylilies and leveling a neglected side yard. If you have a spot that you keep thinking would be great for a “fill-in-the-blank” (vegetable garden, fruit tree, rose bush, etc.), now is a great time to dig in.

We want to spotlight local gardeners. Whether you’re an avid horticulturist or just dabble in the dirt, let us know what/how you’re growing, and you may be featured in an upcoming issue of News from the Neighborhood.  


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